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Keeper FAQ
For those who already look after T's...
My spider isn't eating...
Does my T know who I am ?
My Spider has escaped - what should I do ?
How often should I feed my spider ?
My spider is upside down - is it dead ?
My spider is climbing... why ?
I haven't seen my spider for ages ! What is it doing ?
My spider does nothing all day - what is wrong ?
My spider is moulting: What should I do?
How do I know when my spider is going to moult ?
Can I feed my T things from the garden ?
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    The most commonly asked questions about big hairy spiders...
  • General FAQ  ( 7 items )
    Non spider-related stuff...
  • Terrarium Projects  ( 3 items )

    Step by step walkthrough's showing how to turn standard aquariums, and assorted household objects into fully functional spider homes.

  • Did you know ?  ( 2 items )
    A surprising, fascinating arachnid fact - updated monthly...